Scale-out systems that put data to work
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Designed for the demands of big data and analytics

Businesses are amassing a wealth of data. To obtain maximum value from this data, IBM Power Systems can securely store it, and, crucially, rapidly extract actionable insights from it.

Better economics for scale-out data and cloud infrastructures

Businesses have high expectations of Cloud technology and IBM Power Systems have the performance capabilities to help your organisation reap the benefits of improved economics with fewer scale-out servers.

  • Built with innovation that puts data to work.
  • Bring insights to the point of impact faster through a data-centric design.
  • Delivers better economics and quicker returns for scale-out infrastructure.
  • Minimises risk with secure delivery of data and services.
  • Delivers open innovation, revolutionising the way IT is developed and delivered.

Deliver new capabilities for mobile applications

IBM Power Systems offers the open technologies required by mobile applications. We can deliver the computational speed, data bandwidth, low latency and resilience your business needs so that mobile users experience the same immediate response as all your customers.

Delivering rapid ROI while transforming how critical business services are delivered

Designed to share resources without performance conflict, new emerging applications can be rapidly deployed to bring immediate ROI to your business.

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