Security and resiliency that defend your systems
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Security threats are continually evolving and you need a security system that can adapt to fight them. IBM’s IT security expertise can help any business develop, implement and maintain comprehensive, adaptable strategies to combat the proliferation and expanding sophistication of malicious attacks without increasing complexity, cost, or resources required for administration.

With increasing volumes of data being stored in the cloud, there is a growing need for cloud identity management and other cloud security solutions. You can trust IBM, as a leader in IT security, to ensure that your virtual data storage is just as secure as your on-site data.

IBM’s expertise in cloud security management, and our range of cloud security products, deliver the peace of mind you need to exploit the advantages that virtual enterprise data storage offers.

Business Continuity and Resiliency

Restore operations fully and quickly after any disaster.

Whether caused by an act of nature or human error, downtime can mean unhappy customers and lost productivity. If your organisation is not prepared to restore systems, data, services and applications in a timely manner, an outage can be costly or even catastrophic.

Midsize businesses can rely on IBM’s expertise to meet their critical disaster recovery, data backup needs and restore systems availability. Our comprehensive business continuity and resilience planning services approach disaster recovery from an enterprise-wide perspective, helping to ensure a complete and prompt recovery from any disaster. We also offer solutions to support mission-critical personnel and operations at remote locations.

Networking and Communication

Aligned with your business strategy; optimised for operational excellence.

As the backbone of business operations, the design and implementation of an organisation’s network is crucial to its success. Over time new services introduce heavier requirements, leading to the need to update design and hardware.

A consolidated, seamlessly integrated network can reduce your operating expenses and simplify IT management requirements. IBM’s networking and collaboration solutions are a smart investment and provide a range of strategies that focus on infrastructure simplification, operational efficiency, and retention and growth.

Security and Compliance Services defend your IT systems with risk-resistant security solutions

The continuous proliferation of malicious code and increasingly sophisticated hackers represent formidable challenges. For midsize businesses the IT security risks can be huge. Focused on core business objectives, many adopt a “set it and forget it” policy. This can leave their systems and data exposed to attack from hackers, viruses and malware. With risks ranging from catastrophic downtime to non-compliance penalties, organisations must approach IT security as a continuous, company-wide business discipline.

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