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Data Protection:


Is Your Data Truly Protected?

The growth, value and mobility of data are placing increasing pressure on organizations. IT must ensure assets are properly protected in the face of threats, events and circumstances that can cause data loss, unplanned system downtime and more. The time to think about data protection is before something happens and it’s too late.

The 2016 Dell EMC Global Data Protection Index— a summary of data protection readiness research— reveals organizations are just barely keeping up and in some cases falling behind:

  • 13% more businesses experienced data loss or downtime 
  • 36% suffered loss or downtime due to security breaches
  • Less than half of organizations believe all data stored in the public cloud is protected
  • End result: The estimated average cost of data loss is nearly $1M per incident

Yet only about one in ten organizations are ahead of the curve when it comes to data-protection readiness. With industry analysts predicting global businesses will generate 44 zetabytes of data by
2020, it’s no surprise that only 18% of organizations think their current data protection solutions will meet all future business challenges. 

Simplified Data Protection
Configured to Your Business Needs

In today’s IT environment, data protection is anything but one-size-fits-all. You need protection configured to your specific business needs from the data
center to the cloud, in your physical and virtual
environments, and across all critical business apps
to meet all service levels. 

Sound complex? 

It doesn’t have to be. Dell EMC’s industry-leading Data Protection Portfolio simplifies your environment with solutions that protect data for small, medium and enterprise organizations—wherever it is and against whatever might happen:

  • The world’s largest data protection provider
  • Market share leader in Purpose Built Backup Appliances (PBBA)*
  • Solutions covering all consumption models — physical, virtual and cloud
  • Solutions available as appliances, software defined and converged infrastructure

Before the Unthinkable Happens 

Data protection requirements and environments, just like storage, vary widely—making it impossible for a single product to be optimized for everything. The Dell EMC Data Protection Portfolio gives you choice and flexibility in choosing the right solution based on your unique needs. 

You can deploy stand-alone solutions or multiple solutions working together across Dell EMC platforms as well as third-party storage platforms, virtual environments and the cloud. Protect data everywhere against whatever might happen. 

Dell EMC also delivers data protection how you want—best-of-breed solutions integrated with storage and apps, converged platforms, software defined, and as a service. With the Dell EMC Data Protection portfolio, you receive 100% coverage across the data protection continuum, from continuous availability to archive and everything in between. 

Act now to protect your data…before the unthinkable happens

Now you can be equipped to deal with any data protection challenge.

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